Dream Bitcoin Foundation

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs in Ghana through Bitcoin


Ghana’s Dream Bitcoin Foundation Envisions Tools to Empower Young Minds

My Name is Philip Agyei Asare. I am the founding president of Dream Bitcoin Foundation (DBF), a nonprofit organization that aims to empower young entrepreneurs in Ghana through education about entrepreneurship and cryptocurrencies. Conceived in January of 2014, DBF was officially registered in Ghana on September 9, 2014, and since then has held two successful […]

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DBF Announces CoinFest

Dream Bitcoin Foundation will be organizing a Bitcoin-focused event in Kumasi called COINFEST. We anticipate an attendance of participants who are interested in its focus on Bitcoin and the blockchain technology, as the Foundation is determined to help Cheetahs (“young African entrepreneurs”) to seize the opportunity that Bitcoin represents. The economic repression that has enveloped […]

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